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The Aleppo soap has more than 1300 years of history and is one of the most prestigious soap of this kind in the world. It is handmade without added preservatives or PH-stabilizers. It contains vitamin E and is gentle to the skin.





The making of this soap is believed to be derived from Levant region, of which Aleppo is a main city, and then moved West from there to Europe after the Crusades. It is fair to say that Aleppo and Nablus are the last remaining centers of this ancient soap making process, and thus the soap produced there does have roots to the ancient past. But the claim that it is the birthplace of soapmaking is not well-founded.




The main ingredients for the classic soap are olive oil and bay laurel oil. The olive oil is boiled for three before the laurel oil is poured into the mix. The entire mixture is poured on a large sheet of paper and left there to cool down. During cooling the soap mass is shaped and evened out by workers walking on it with planks of wood tied to their shoes. Then it is cut into pieces and left to age for about 7 months. While aging, the classic soap goes through various chemical processes, stiffens due to oxidation and its appearance becomes crusty with a brown color, while the interior remains green.

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